VIDEO: North Sea Trail of Denmark

The North Sea Trail (NST) - an international coastline trail

In March 2018, I spent a weekend hiking a section of the North Sea Trail (NST) together with three of my good friends. We hiked a smaller section of some 33 kilometers ~ 18 miles with two overnighters. The NST is an international long-distance linking seven countries via a 6295 km footpath across Europe and revolves around the North Sea. Countries include Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The NST in Denmark

The majority of the Danish section of the NST runs along the West Coast of Denmark. Rugged dunes, heathlands, windswept beaches and vast, open straits of marshland characterizes this beautiful coastal line. We hiked a smaller section located in the northern part of the trail from the city of Hanstholm to Bulbjerg.

The setting for our hike was not to crunch miles, but rather to enjoy the comradery and wild scenery. All content in the video is shot and edited by my friend and hiker buddy @trail_fred.

Let's go - it is time for a video.

WildStray: North Sea Trail of Denmark

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