Skjoldunge Trail: Hvalsø – Roskilde

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Hey, so it's been a while since my last post, but school always takes up a lot of time in the winter months... and on top of that, I got myself a new job in January (which is super cool). Nonetheless, here's a glimpse of local trail I hiked with Amalie in February... The Skjoldunge Trail (The STS) or Skjoldeungestien as it is called in Danish.

Western trailhead of the STS (in Hvalsø)

Brief introduction to the trail
The STS is located in Zealand, Denmark. The official length of the STS is 41 kilometers / 25 miles. It is a system of shorter trails that connects and goes through three towns: Hvalsø - Lejre - Roskilde. Trailheads can be found in either town. We started the trail in Hvalsø and ended our hike near Roskilde.

The terrain on STS is characterized by forests, occasional lakes and vast, open farmland. On the trail, you will experience quite a lot of culture and history, as these lands used to be home to the Vikings. Lejre and Roskilde were once larger, Norse villages.

Our setting for the day 

On February 11th 2018, my girlfriend, Amalie, and I hiked some 30 kilometers of the Skjoldunge Trail System. It was a pretty chilly day with temperatures ranging around -5 degrees celcius / 23 F most of the day. However, the wind wasn’t too strong and the sun was out most of the day - so all in all, we picked a good day for our hike.

We started in Hvalsø and walked 30 km till we reached Boserup Forest just outside of Roskilde. We had walked 'till late noon and by then ... we were pretty beat - so, we got a ride back to town, had coffee and cake with Amalie's parents and felt enriched by our hike.

Take a look:

We set out around 9 am and the weather was brilliant.

A lot of the STS terrain is forest. Even though they stand butt-naked in February, they are still pretty - and Amalie is happy for that!

We spotted these fantastic shelters an hour into the trail. A dad and his kid was cooking some breakfast. Definitely coming back to try out this place!

Hello world!!! (or - friends and family who are reading this).

Avnsø (name of the lake) left us in in awe! Look at the sky, look at the lake. Amazing stuff. Somebody with humongous balls took a dip in this.Ahhhhh, SUN. Oh, glorious sun.

Time to leave the forest. Now, we're taking on the open farm lands.

Something interesting about this pic.


Moving towards Lejre aka. Viking Kingdom! Unfortunately, Amalie had to drop off her back due to an issue with the pack. Luckily, we had lunch break at the stall where her family's horses live.

Lonely Lejre Tree. Hills like these were used as burial grounds by the Norse folk.

The section around Lejre was actually really pleasant. Along the way, you can read a lot about former times on small info signs (who doesn't love that stuff... am I right... - especially when about Vikings... !!).

More farm land walking. Approaching the city of Svorgerslev now (located in between Lejre and Roskilde).

In the outskirts of Roskilde. The lake is called Svorgerslev Sø.

Last shot of the day - me doing some rare strechtes... after this, we got picked up and had well-deserved cake and coffee with Amalie's parents.

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

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