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A review of the Revolution Race GPx Zip-Off outdoor pants

Short description of the product: all-year convertible outdoor pants
Where was the product tested: 7-day hike in Scotland
- In what conditions:
 warm / sunny / rainy / windy
- By who: Myself (189 cm. / 81 kg.)
592g (size Large; weighed it at home)
Materials: Hypershell®: 65% polyester / 35% cotton and Hypershell® Stretch: 93% nylon / 7% spandex

So, why the GPx pants ...

The company behind the pants, Revolution Race from Sweden, recently contacted me to hear whether I was interested in testing one of their pants. I knew Revoluation Race beforehand and have heard promising things about them since their products are quite popular in Denmark. Ultimately, I eyed in on the GPx model and decided to use to pants for my thru-hike of the West Highland Way in Scotland. I chose the GPx model because I have heard good things about this model and because they're convertible pants. I usually hike in shorts; hiking in pants are too steamy for me, but I do like full pants for the evenings.

Fit and comfort
  • Super comfortable to wear due to stretchy materials
  • Zippers don't cause any chafing (well done, Revolutation Race!)
  • A little wide around the waist; was never a problem but I used an improvised belt made of string because like the pants to sit tight around my waist
  • They fit long, but can be tightened around the ankles with a button-strap (very neat feature)

  • Four (!) zippered pockets; two on right leg, one on left and one on the back
  • Two normal pocket pants
  • Different colored knee-zippers  (I liked this a lot, compliments to RR for having eye for the details)
  • Adjustable width in the bottom of the legs
  • Reinforced materials in seat, front of the thighs and bottom of the legs

Breathability and weather-resistance
  • Not water repellent
  • Dry fast when wet, but gets extra heavy
  • Becomes hot when used as full pants during medium to high activity
My verdict of the Revolution Race GPx (zip-off) ...

I am very happy with these pants. Particularly, the great comfort, well-thought features and versatility of the pants makes me want to recommend these pants.

For a while, I've been wanting a pair of pants that I could use for both hiking, walks in the forest and general outdoor activity and I do not have to look around anymore. These will be my go-to pants for weekend trips and shorter hikes especially when fall and winter come around and the temperatures drop. However, I will probably want to go with something lighter for longer hikes where weight and pace are important factors.

All in all, I find the GPx pants to be a great product at a very fair price. I can't come to think of any other pair of pants in this price range that outmatches these pants and I do recommend giving them a go.

Revolution Race send me these pants to test them out free of charge, but I am in no other way affiliated with Revolution Race nor am I receiving any affiliate benefits from writing this review. This is my honest opinion about the product and you should always feel welcome to contact me on if you have questions of any sort.

Revolution Race GPxPro (zip-off)


Comfort and Mobility






Venting and Breathability


Weather Resistance


The good stuff

  • Strech makes a super comfortable fit
  • No chafing around zippers
  • Reinforced materials
  • Lots of pockets (with zippers)
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities

The not so good stuff

  • Slightly heavy
  • Becomes hot during medium - high activity level
  • Soaks water (but dries quickly)
  • Sizing can be a bit tricky