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Camping In The Land Of Vikings

Authors note:Here’s a little story about my home town, Roskilde, in Denmark. In this post I’ll like to show you one of my favorite places of all time. A forest called ‘Boserup’. The pictures you see in this post are from an overnight camping in Boserup I did with my … READ MORE

Picturesque Flora At Pioneers Trail

Authors note: Hello there. This time the tour is going to Canada (if you did not know, I’m currently living in Canada as an exchange student). More specifically, I am talking about The Pioneer’s Trail in the province of Quebec. Enjoy!PS: Simply click the photos to enlarge!  THE PIONEER’S TRAIL LOCATED … READ MORE

Climbing Mont Blanc Du Tacul

Starting the ascend 3am, a gang of three mountaineering musketeers set outto climb the Mont Blanc Du Tacul (4248 m). Follow me on a journey of snowy mountains, an epic sunset and a dozen of positive vibes from the French Alps. (video is found in the bottom of the post) … READ MORE