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Pink Lake Trail

CANADA PINK LAKE TRAIL 1 Authors note: On a hot and humid Ottawa summer day, I set off with two of my mates to explore new paths of Gatineau Park. We decided to go for the Pink Lake Trail, and oh boy, it was worth the kilometres. So, let’s get to … READ MORE

Camping In The Land Of Vikings

Authors note:Here’s a little story about my home town, Roskilde, in Denmark. In this post I’ll like to show you one of my favorite places of all time. A forest called ‘Boserup’. The pictures you see in this post are from an overnight camping in Boserup I did with my … READ MORE

Picturesque Flora At Pioneers Trail

PICTURESQUE FLORA AT PIONEER TRAIL 1 Authors note: Hello there. This time the tour is going to Canada (if you did not know, I’m currently living in Canada as an exchange student). More specifically, I am talking about The Pioneer’s Trail in the province of Quebec. Enjoy!PS: Simply click the photos … READ MORE

Climbing Mont Blanc Du Tacul

Starting the ascend 3am, a gang of three mountaineering musketeers set outto climb the Mont Blanc Du Tacul (4248 m). Follow me on a journey of snowy mountains, an epic sunset and a dozen of positive vibes from the French Alps. (video is found in the bottom of the post) … READ MORE