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Dear Reader
The red-bearded fella in the picture is me, Mikkel Mandrup Fogt, the guy who does all the writing, photography and video editing you’re going to find on WildStray.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, I spent my days studying an undergraduate in marketing and daydreaming about all of the great adventures that lie out there in the wild.

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Once upon a time…
When I was in my early teens, I went to Norway with my family. We hiked around the Jotunheimen area for almost two weeks and I loved every bit of it. We went to Galdhøpiggen (see picture) and also hiked the famous Besseggen Trail. This trip laid the fundament for my interest in outdoors.

WildStray – a personal blog
I started WildStray to create a platform where I could share my passion for outdoor with my friends & family. In time, I hope interested souls from all over the world will find value in visiting my site.

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Get in touch with me

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