A Journey Into The Great Outdoors

Here you’ll find pictures and words from my hiking trips all over the world.

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Top 10 Greatest Hiking Songs Ever

A playlist born for The Great OutdoorsHi there! All of the songs listed in this post has been added to WILD STRAY’s very own Spotify playlist:Hiking Songs of The Great OutdoorThe playlist is updated every sunday with 2-3 new hiking songs added.Click the Spotify  icon or here to get the playlist.Scroll down … READ MORE

Pink Lake Trail

Authors note: On a hot and humid Ottawa summer day, I set off with two of my mates to explore new paths of Gatineau Park. We decided to go for the Pink Lake Trail, and oh boy, it was worth the kilometres. So, let’s get to it – here’s another piece … READ MORE

Camping In The Land Of Vikings

Authors note:Here’s a little story about my home town, Roskilde, in Denmark. In this post I’ll like to show you one of my favorite places of all time. A forest called ‘Boserup’. The pictures you see in this post are from an overnight camping in Boserup I did with my … READ MORE