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Haglöfs Skuta Mid Proof | Review

About the tester

I, Mikkel, tested the product and used a size 10.

Eco Proof Jacket - the sustainable choice

The Haglöfs Skuta Mid Proof is a mid-height, waterproof hiking boot with a wide forefoot fit. The waterproof membrane is Haglöfs' ECO PROOF: a waterproof, fluorocarbon free membrane, the same used with the Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket.

I have tested the boots over various hikes around Sweden and Denmark and I'm finally ready to give my review.

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Comfort is king when it comes to footwear, and nowhere is this more important than crushing miles on the trails and off.

The wide forefoot fit provides extra comfort, which was something that I really liked. It's nice to be able to wiggle your toes and have more space without the shoes feeling to big around the ankles or heel. Testing the boots has been a really pleasant walking experience, and comfort is definitely one of the strengths of this product. The and rearfoot cushioning offers extra comfort and shock absorption for the heel, and it worked just the way the should.

Nothing to put a finger on here - overall, just really comfortable hiking boots. Super easy to get used to and get going with right out of the box.


For most of my trips, I use the Moab Merrell Ventilator which is a low-cut hiking shoe with the main reason being that I go ultralight, have strong ankles and don't feel like I need that much stability. However, I was quite excited to test a pair of mid-height boots like the Skuta Mid, because they undoubtedly would some provide better support and I was looking forward to seeing what difference it would make for me.

The defining benefit of boots compared to hiking shoes or trail runners are more than often ankle support. And, I got to give in, the Haglöfs Skuta Mid did provide me better support than every of my trail runners or hiking shoes do.

With that being said, I am more experienced in trail runner and hiking shoes, so I can't talk too much comparison in contrast to other full-cut or mid-height hiking boots, but I felt invincible when trekking the Haglöfs Skuta Mid and it was super nice to march through the terrain with a reduced chance of taking missteps or twisting ankles.



When you place your foot on the trail or a rock, you want it to stay put. Considering what type of terrain you might predominantly encounter will do a lot to inform your choice in sole type.

I tested the Skuta Mid on various smaller trips in Sweden and Denmark. Here, the terrain is not very challenging - slightly hilly at most - but nothing too demanding. The Skuta Mid shined in these conditions were the I didn't have to worry too much about loose gravel or scrambling rocks.

According to Haglöfs themselves and other testers, these boots are made for lighter terrain where you aren't hauling +25 kgs in your pack and I do agree 100 % with this. In lighter terrain, they will provide you all the traction you seek from hiking boots.


All else being equal, lighter footwear is better. You expend considerable energy lifting an extra half pound with each step. Hiking specific boots are heavier than hiking shoes and are worth the extra weight when support and stability are a priority. Midweight hikers have designs that focus more on stability, ankle protection, and durability - they don't just focus on shedding weight.

With a weight of 475 grams per boot, the Skuta Mid comes in relatively light and it is something that I enjoyed a lot. I am used to wearing trail runners that are lighter and feels more nimble on your feet, but the transition to the mid-height boots were smooth as ever and I would definitely recommend you trying the Skuta Mid if you are looking for a good mix of stability, comfort, and weight.

Water Resistance

We all want dry feet when hiking. Dry feet are key to avoiding blisters, and staying warm when hiking in the cold and wet.

And that is exactly why you want to consider the Haglöfs Skuta Eco Proof boots if you're looking for a pair of waterproof hiking boots.

The waterproofness comes from the fluorocarbon free ECO PROOF membrane, the same used in the ECO PROOF Jacket as I talked about in this review. It is a very effective membrane that worked just as well as other waterproof membranes I have experience with (i.e. GORETEX) - only, the ECO PROOF membrane has a better environmental footprint.

According to Haglöfs, the membrane has been tested in 100.000 steps. And while I personally don't think that sounds like a lot, I think that is the number of steps they walked in their test. Even though it is slightly confusing. However, I've already walked a grand deal over 100.000 steps in the Skuta Mid and the membrane still works like a charm and have kept my feet dry as the desert. Minus sweat, of course. That being said, I think the Skuta Mid breathes quite well being a pair of waterproof boots.


The Skuta Mid has reinforced areas around the toe and heel to add to the durability of the boots. On top of that, the outer sole is made of ASICS AHAR+ (High Abrasion Resistance Rubber) which is three times stronger than conventional rubber, according to ASICS. 

The abrasion resistance of the outer sole greatly influences the longevity of the product, because this is where boots more than often show the first sign of wear and tear.

Final Verdict

The Haglöfs Skuta Mid Eco Proof is a pair of super comfortable mid-height hiking boots fabricated with an environmentally-friendly mindset.

With comfort being king, the reliable waterproofness, decent breathability, and durable materials are other major perks of this shoe. It shines in lighter terrain and can also be used in everyday life. On top of that, Haglöfs has been on their A-game in terms of contributing to a more environmentally-friendly outdoor industry. The Skuta Mid has a profoundly greener footprint than many other alternatives in the market and that is something to keep in mind.

The downsides of the product would be that they may not be sturdy enough for more challenging terrain where some might want more stability and traction than these boots provide. However, they're a strong choice for lighter terrain and I am looking forward to hauling many more miles in them.


Hi there! I want to be completely transparent with my WildStray project so I want to let you know I was given this product to test and review and that makes the article sponsored content. Other than testing the product, I do not have any affiliation to Haglöfs nor do I have any sponsor deals of any kind with them. I am deeply passionate about WildStray and I want this to be a place where you can come and trust the information you're reading, so it is important for me to underline that I stand 100 % behind my words - the good and the bad.

If a company contacts me, I make sure to tell them that I'd like to test their product if, a) it aligns with what I do (hiking, climbing, etc.) and b) on the premise that I have the freedom to write an honest review. If, you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email at mikkel@wildstray.com.

Haglöfs Skuta Mid Eco Proof










Water Resistance




The good stuff

  • Reliable weather protection
  • Robust construction
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to break in
  • Relatively light
  • Not super expensive
  • Better environmental footprint

The not so good stuff

  • Not sturdy enough for challenging terrain
  • Wide-forefoot isn't for everyone one (I like it)
  • Waterproof membrane decreases breathability