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Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket | Review

About the tester

I, Mikkel, tested the product and used a size Large. I'm 189 cm. and weigh about 82 kg. Tested in both sun, wind and rain, the jacket has been with me on trips around Denmark and to Sweden.

Eco Proof Jacket - the sustainable choice

I was happy to get to test the Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket due to a number of reasons. I was intrigued by the promising weather resistance of the jacket and the robust and reliable materials used to fabricate the jacket. Also, I was enticed by Haglöfs' sustainable design. The Eco Proof Jacket was created with the waterproof, fluorocarbon free ECO PROOF-membrane.

According to Haglöfs, their sustainable thinking is inspired by the "re-use is better than replace" ethos. For example, the jacket is easily repairable with most parts replaceable i.e. buttons and zipper.  Next, the ECO Proof Jacket is made from 52 % recycled polyester and the majority of the fabrics used are Bluesign-approved meaning the manufacturing process meets the criteria for sustainable and environmentally friendly textile production.

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Weather Protection

The Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket is a hardshell jacket meaning it is waterproof and windproof. Good hardshell jackets are made of robust, durable materials with reliable protection against the elements. The Haglöfs Eco Proof jacket is no different. I found the ECO PROOF-membrane to be extremely effective against both rain and wind.

Haglöfs states the jacket's hydrostatic head is >20.000 mm which makes the jacket incredible water resistant. In other words, you should be able to take this jacket from a flash-storm and still be dry afterward.

As I tested the jacket, I experienced occasional periods of light-to-medium rain, but nothing super crazy. It kept me completely dry at all time.

The 3-layer ECO PROOF-fabric provided me effective and reliable protection against the fiery, Scandinavian Fall wind. Not much to say here, it did exactly what Haglöfs promised it would and I was quite satisfied the wind performance.

Also, the option to cinch and tighten the jacket around exposed areas like the neck, wrists, and hips helped to retain the heat.

Weight & Packability

I used a Mens size large weighing at 580 grams which is relatively heavy compared to other options in the hardshell jacket category. The weight can be justified in the robust and durable materials used in the design and the pockets. However, weight is an important factor for when planning longer trips and the 580 grams are slightly on the heavier side here.

Also, I found the jacket to pack slightly bulky and it's something to keep in mind.

Microadventures > Ultralight long-distance treks
My verdict of the weight and packability of this jacket is that there are lighter alternatives that I would consider on multiple-day hikes.

That being said, the Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket would definitely be my go-to jacket for weekend trips and walks in the forest where I might go through bushes and branches. Here, the robust construction shines and it's nice to be able to care less about the tear and wear.

Mobility & Fit

As said, I am 189 cm. tall and weight about 82 kg. I have a relatively skinny frame with slightly wide shoulders.

I used a size large and the fit was excellent even though it is a more spacious large than what I am used to from Scandinavian brands. Also, I tend to flex between large and extra large in sizes, so you might want to consider sizing down for the Eco Proof Jacket. I did also try an extra large and especially the length of the sleeves were too long for me on the extra large.

With that being said, the jacket is roomy and I could easily wear my long-sleeved Icebreaker Oasis and even my fleece from Columbus underneath.

Venting & Breathability

The Mouisture Permeability (breathability factor) of the Eco Proof Jacket is estimated to >15,000 g/m²/24h which is quite acceptable for a 3-layered hardshell, but it is not made for high-intense activities.

I've read that some people experienced the soft inner-fabric to absorb a tiny bit of moisture when there's too much hot air trapped inside. However, I experienced no such issue, but that's just me. Maybe I should move more my butt more.

I missed pit zips
Jokes aside - there's no zippers under the arms to ventilate and that is a feature that I really miss. Overall, the venting and breathability prosperities of this jacket makes it more suitable for forest walks, low-activity outdoor and urban use than for backpacking, in my honest opinion.


The Eco Proof Jacket has two pockets on the front that are closed with buttons. The top of the pockets protects the pockets from rain and I found this to work neatly. However, the pockets are placed quite low on the jacket, which makes it nice for urban use but no so effective when hiking where the hip-belt makes it difficult to get in the pockets.

That being said, the placement of the pockets caused me no other issues while wearing hip-pelt (i.e. no pain or anything). There's also a chest pocket available on the left side of the jacket.

The adjustment options on the Eco Proof Jacket are great. It has cord adjustment on the front hood and an elastic webbing at the back of the hood. On the back of the neck, you will also find a hoop, so you can easily hang the jacket when indoors.

As for the sleeves, they are button adjustable to ensure a snug fit and the waist can be cinched with a cord that goes all the way around the jacket. Nothing crazy here - it just works.

The hood has an enforced cap that helps make the rain stay of out your face.

Final verdict

The Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket is a quality, eco-friendly, all-around hardshell jacket perfect for micro-adventures in The Great Outdoors where you might encounter wind and rain. Also, it's very suitable for everyday use due to its sleek design and robust construction.

The jacket looks like a jacket made for urban life, but it comes through as an effective outdoor jacket on many accounts. With weight and packability being its Achilles Heel, it will probably not a jacket that I will bring on longer hiking adventures.

However, with its super reliable weather protection, well-thought adjustment options, and sleek look, it will definitely be my go-to jacket and micro-adventures in the forest as well as my favorite jacket for everyday use during the Scandinavian fall and winter. On top of that, Haglöfs deserves a pad on the shoulder for contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly outdoor industry.


Hi there! I want to be completely transparent with my WildStray project so I want to let you know I was given this product to test and review and that makes the article sponsored content. Other than testing the product, I do not have any affiliation to Haglöfs nor do I have any sponsor deals of any kind with them. I am deeply passionate about WildStray and I want this to be a place where you can come and trust the information you're reading, so it is important for me to underline that I stand 100 % behind my words - the good and the bad.

If a company contacts me, I make sure to tell them that I'd like to test their product if, a) it aligns with what I do (hiking, climbing, etc.) and b) on the premise that I have the freedom to write an honest review. If, you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email at mikkel@wildstray.com.

Haglöfs Eco Proof Jacket


Weather Protection


Weight & Packability


Mobility & Fit


Venting & Breathability




The good stuff

  • Reliable weather protection
  • Robust construction
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustment options
  • Nice front pockets when not wearing hip belt

The not so good stuff

  • Relatively heavy
  • Packs slightly bulky
  • No zip pits
  • Placement of front pockets when wearing hip belt