About WildStray

WildStray is an outdoor and adventure blog that aims to inspire readers to take on remarkable journeys and memorable micro-adventures into The Great Outdoors.

By combining original stories, photographs, videos and advice learned through experience, WildStray is meant to not only be a platform where my passion for outdoor is shared, but also a reliable and resourseful place for readers to learn and plan for their next outdoor adventure.

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What I can offer

  • Content Creation: If you’re interested in original content for your brand, website or new project, I’d be happy to discuss the creative options with you.
  • Product Reviews: If you think your product is something that would be of interest to WildStray’s readers and would like an honest review of what you’re offering, then I would be happy to talk further.
  • PhotographyIf you’re interest in photography and/or video of your brand and/or product in a natural “on-the-trail” setting, then I would love to hear about it

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If you think that a collaboration between your brand and WildStray would be a good idea, feel free to write to me on mikkel@wildstray or use the contact formula below: