MY 5 TIPS FOR SOLO-HIKING I want to make this article short and sweet, because solo-hiking is a very personal business, and motivation varies from person to person. What works for me, might not work for you. A little background on my experience with solo-hiking In 2019 I thru-hiked the … READ MORE


5 DOWNSIDES OF SOLO-HIKING I think solo-hiking is an incredible way to experience nature and journey into your mind and soul, but it also comes with a few extra demands and difficulties. A little background on my experience with solo-hiking In 2019 I thru-hiked the entirety of the Pacific Crest … READ MORE


7 UPSIDES OF SOLO-HIKING Going on hiking trips entirely on your own has it upsides and downsides. In this article I’ll talk about the positives, but I’ll drop a link to my article about the downsides, further down below! Personally, I like solo-hiking, because it challenges my psyche, forces me … READ MORE

VIDEO: North Sea Trail of Denmark

The North Sea Trail (NST) – an international coastline trail In March 2018, I spent a weekend hiking a section of the North Sea Trail (NST) together with three of my good friends. We hiked a smaller section of some 33 kilometers ~ 18 miles with two overnighters. The NST is … READ MORE

Top 10 Greatest Hiking Songs Ever

A playlist born for The Great OutdoorsHi there! All of the songs listed in this post has been added to WILD STRAY’s very own Spotify playlist:Hiking Songs of The Great OutdoorThe playlist is updated every sunday with 2-3 new hiking songs added.Click the Spotify  icon or here to get the playlist.Scroll down … READ MORE