4 Long-Distance Hikes in Europe That You Should Trek in 2018

The Fourth Season

With chilly temperatures and the snowpack spread around Europe, we have ventured into a scarce season for most European hikers: winter. The 2017 hiking season is over and it is time to think about what adventures lie ahead in 2018.

European Long-Distance Hikes

Europe does not only offer a great variety of variated scenery and natural environment, but also a cultural diversity, unlike no other continent. There are so many options to chose from that it can be somewhat overwhelming, so I narrowed the list down to four epic European long-distance hikes that you should consider trekking in 2018.

I think you will find a few names on the list that you haven't considered before.

Let's get to it!

West Highland Way (Scotland)

West Highland Way

Lenght: 154 km / 96 miles
6-9 days
When to go: 
May - August (however, it can be walked all year)
Accommodation: B&Bs in villages, wild camping allowed

Scotland's most iconic long-distance hike takes you some of the finest terrains the country has to offer. It embarks in the lowland near Milngavie, near the northern edge of Glasgow, where the footpath takes you past sheep farms, field, villages, pubs and old ruins. Later on, you'll venture into steeper terrain, through rolling hills and green-mossed mountains all the way to the root of Ben Nevis, the highest peak in UK. The WHW is a perfect mixture of culture and scenery. Remember to bring proper rain clothes (in all seasons).

Learn more here.

Bornholm Rundt (Denmark)

Bornholm Rundt (Around Bornholm)

Lenght: 120 km / 75 miles
3-5 days
When to go: 
May - October
Accommodation: B&B's in villages, designated campsites

Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. It is commonly known as Sunshine Island due to its often sunny weather and Rock Island due to its rocky terrain. Unlike the rest of Denmark, the island boats itself with dramatic cliff formations. The route will take you past forests, beaches, and local fishing villages. Due to Denmark's many-thousand-year-old history, will also find plenty of cultural heritage sites.

Learn more here (NB: in Danish - inbuilt Google Translate).

GR10 (France)

GR10 (Grande Randonnée)

Lenght: 866 km / 538 miles
45-60 days
When to go: 
June - September
Accommodation: Hostels, shelters, wild camping allowed

This French classic takes you from one side of the country to the other. The path goes through the Pyrenees and thus, is a mountain walk but requires no climbing. The western part is lush and green, the middle section jagged and rocky and the east unfolds a dry, low-leaved land as the Mediterranean approaches. The route is home to a rich wildlife with vultures and marmottes being common sights.

Learn more here.

Kungsleden (Sweden)

Kungsleden (King's Trail)

Lenght: 440 km / 273 miles
18-25 days
When to go: 
June - September
Accommodation: Huts, wild camping allowed

Sweden's most famous trail lies above the Arctic Circle and will take you on an adventure like no other. The trail is divided into three sections with the northern stretch being the most popular due to the beautiful mountains and arctic landscape. The rest of the trail is characterized by long stretches of solitude. Late in the season, there is a chance of experiencing the northern lights in this part of the hike. The path will take you through multiple national parks and surely, give you the feeling of stepping into the wild.

Learn more here.

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